PCB Fabrications


we offers Printed Circuit Board manufacturing, providing consistent high quality and affordable price of Printed Circuit Boards. Whether it is a single board for a prototype or large volume production runs, pcb4you can come to meet your PCB fabrication needs in a variety of materials and technologies

We understand that our customers must have on-time fabrication and delivery of their boards. 

Quick Turn PCB

You can rely on us to deliver your PCBs when you need them without compromising our  leading quality. When you need your PCBs fast, we delivers!


There is no better facility for fabricating your prototype PCB. Our experienced team of professionals make sure your project is done right from design review and manufacturing, to quality control and testing. That, along with our broad inventory of materials and finishes, means we'll deliver a finished product that you can count on.

Bare Bones PCBs

Our "Bare Bones PCBs" promotion is for simple 2 layer PCBs that do not have Solder Mask or Legend. Such PCBs may be useful when you have very simple applications for your PCB, and you are hand-soldering simple devices to your board

Board Design

We provide board design services to our customers who do not have in-house capability or are constrained on resources. We use PCB design Software's such as Protel and Orcad for gerber generation and work with customers in generating BOM's, schematics and net list's from basic engineering sketches 

Flex PCB Manufacturer

we specialize in the fabrication and assembly of flexible printed circuit products for use in the manufacturing of medical devices and various types of telecommunication and industrial equipment. Our custom PCB manufacturing capabilities allow us to develop and produce a top-performing flex PCB that meets your unique requirements. We can also work with you to produce a custom flex PCB prototype that will significantly improve your prospects of a successful project outcome

Plans Available

Currently there are two plans available -

Economy Service - This is an economy plan for those who are tight on budget and so on time. Setup charges for the Economy Service is Rs 150 (additional Rs 150 for Legend and Rs 150 for Solder Mask) for single sided PCBs. For double sided PCBs the setup charge is Rs 300 (additional Rs 300 for Legend on both sides and Rs 300 for Solder Mask on both sides). The shipping time is around 3 to 10 days.

Express Service - This is an express plan for those short on time. Setup charges for the Express Service is Rs. 300 (additional Rs 300 for Legend and Rs 300 for Solder Mask). For double sided PCBs the setup charge is Rs 600 (additional Rs 600 for Legend and Rs 600 for Solder Mask). The shipping time is 2 days 

Let us help you launch products faster and more efficiently

PCB Costs

PCB Type

Copper Traces with Tin Plated finish (per sq.cm)

Copper Traces + Legend (per sq.cm)

Copper Traces + Solder Mask (per sq.cm)

Copper Traces + Legend + Solder Mask (per sq.cm)

Single Sided

Rs. 0.80

Rs. 1.8

Rs. 1.8

Rs. 2.7

Double Sided

Rs. 1.6

Rs. 3.6

Rs. 3.6

Rs. 5.4


Setup charges extra(based on your design).

Shipping and handling charges extra. Shipping charges within India is Rs. 100.

The above charges are only for prototype volumes, for bulk orders please contact us for the exact prices.



How to Order

  1. Mail your PCB files 
  2. We will examine the files and send an email containing any changes, if any, to the email address you had submitted. If there are no changes we will email the exact cost of the PCB.
    3. You can then send an email to us to confirm your order and then make your payment.
    4. We will only then send the PCB for production and ship it.
  3. We specialize accept Gerber Files for prototype and low volume productions. You may send high resolution photos of each layer in your PCB. Also, to keeps costs low, try using the same hole size for all holes in the PCB. For all high volume productions, we accept standard Gerber Files.


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