PCB design

Design for Manufacturability Analysis

Thoroughly review of customers design including FAB circuit/trace routing, component positioning and spacing, potential fault reduction and process selection, and provide recommendations to enhance customer’s design, such as circuit design, mechanical design, etc. This service helps to reach the smooth and efficient manufacturing at the early stage of volume production.

Design for Testability

Our team can also help you develop the most effective test strategy to optimize the validation process and ensure maximum yield rate and maximum coverage for every product assembled within our walls. our test department can perfom ICT, Functional, JTAG, Boundary scan, AOI, Flying Probe, X-Ray and more depending on your product requirements.

BOM Analysis

Our company systematically performs a comprehensive review of each BOM. For cost drivers, we will identify component substitutions (submit for your approval) that offer same fit, form and function at lower cost than original selected components

Quick Turn Prototyping

Our NPI ( New Product Introduction) team can provide the fastest prototype in business. We have dedicated production equipment and a full production team to develop your prototypes and limited runs when you are ready.


Design Technologies

  • High speed digital designs, analog designs, mixed designs, power designs & RF design
  • Signal Integrity, EMC & EMI Compliant designs
  • PCBs with DFM, DFA requirements
  • PCBs with Controlled impedance requirements
  • PCBs for mechanical constrained designs
  • HDI designs with blind & buried vias
  • High frequency PCBs
  • High layer count PCBs of up to 16 layers
  • Designs with BGAs
  • Designs with 4mils/4mils trace & spacing


Technologies on Board

  • SDRAM, Flash, CompactFlash
  • USB, UART,I2C & I2S
  • HDMI,DVI, Composite Video
  • Bluetooth
  • Designs with FPGA & ASIC
  • Designs with printed antennas