Firmware Development and Design

Today, the majority of the electronic products on the market are based on microprocessor controllers. For these products to work properly the microprocessors need instructions to carry out those functions. These instructions are the firmware code the engineers write and place it in the memory so that the controller follows these instructions faithfully. Our engineers have decades of experience in hardware design and writing firmware. When done correctly these two elements assure the device will perform flawlessly. Keeping all engineering skills connected is how we are able to design new products quickly and efficiently and free from mistakes. That is how we engineer new prototype units that go into production without changes. This is how Vital Systems saves our customers time and money while developing new products

Hardware and Embedded Software Design

Our development team have been involved in developing embedded systems for a variety devices. From concept and hardware design right through to application and user interface, we have it covered. We work closely with you to understand your project requirements, to ensure we develop the right solution for you and your business. We are able to provide the following activities on demand: Feasibility Studies, Analysing and Planning, Software / Firmware Design, Software / Firmware Development, Performance Optimisation, Implementation, Validation, Testing and Debugging, Updating legacy firmware, Firmware upgrade


  • Bare metal firmware
  • Power management firmware for battery safety and battery health
  • Zigbee, Bluetooth,
  • Cellular module based firmware development
  • RFID reader firmware


  • AVR Studio
  • Atmel Studio
  • Code Warrior
  • Eclipse
  • Code Composer Studio

We develop firmware for the printed circuit boards that have been designed through the services described in the Hardware and electronic circuits division section. Firmware development is done to completely fit the customer's specifications or requirements